Greetings and Welcome!

I am Life-Cycle Celebrant® Patty Clark. I create and perform personalized ceremonies to celebrate and honor your noteworthy life experiences.

Do you celebrate your life?

Do you pay attention to, honor and give significance to milestone events or do they tend to pass by just like any other day?

Well it’s time to mark those momentous moments!

Recognize and acknowledge change. Add color to your transitions. Give your own life the importance it deserves!

Value your past
Embrace your future
Create an extraordinary journey; remember it’s not just all about the destination.

Actively participate in your life!
You will feel grounded;
You’ll have defined understandings of how transitions affect you, and
Better connections with loved ones.
You’ll create memories which you will remember forever.

Whether it’s your wedding, a house blessing, baby naming or adoption ceremony; a funeral Celebration of Life, divorce ceremony or survivor celebration; your ceremony is a special opportunity to enrich your life and expand your experience by creating an event which is unique and personally special just to you!

Together we can create extraordinary life experiences!